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Beverage Service

Beverage Service | $27 per gallon

Fruit Punch

White Grape Juice

Sparkling Apple Cider

Beverage Service | Alcoholic Punch Bowls

$65.00 per bowl/$75 per specialty bowl

Champagne Punch

Vodka Fruit Punch

Whiskey Sour Punch

Fuzzy Navel Punch

Bay Breeze Punch

Beverage Service | Cash or Consumption Bar

House Brands

$4.25 per ounce

Premium Brands

$5.50 per ounce

Craft and IPA Beer

$6.00 per bottle


$1.50 per glass

Quarter Keg Domestic Beer

Approximately 50 servings $125.00

Call Brands

$4.75 per ounce

Domestic Beer

$4.00 per bottle

Imported Beer

$5.25 per bottle

Half Keg Domestic Beer

Approximately 125 servings $230.00

House Wines

$6.50 per glass

Beverage Service | Champagne and Wines

House Wines

$30.00 per bottle

House Champagnes

$28.00 per bottle